Architectural Analysis of Miami’s Newest Residential Buildings

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The Real Deal interviewed a panel of architects to analyze the new skyline in Miami

Every city has it’s own flavor, and in the case of Miami. It’s changing into something even more exotic and unique.

It’s home to some of the most ambitious and creative residential buildings currently being built anywhere in the world, defying norms on projects that of massive scale and scope.

“The structure resembles a human spine coursing through the outside of the body.” says award-winning designer Kobi Karp, who also points out that it’s not only unique from a design perspective but also a technical one. Beachfront structures typically don’t facilitate outward concrete because it blocks views, but the designer decided to take this risk. So far it looks like it’s paying off – the One Thousand Museum is already 60% sold and is slated for completion soon.

Read the full analysis here.