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A small enclave tucked between Surfside and Bal Harbor on the east and North Miami on the west, Bay Harbour Islands was once home to the largest concentration of mid-century Miami Modern (MiMo) style architecture in the country. Many of the low-slung condo and apartment buildings in Bay Harbor’s East Island (where only multi-family and commercial structures are allowed) have some of Miami’s most renowned architects behind them. In fact, one could argue Morris Lapidus, Henry Hohauser and Charles McKirahan were the first true starchitects in the Magic City, transforming Miami’s architectural Art Deco style in the 1930s into the MiMo designs that emerged in the middle of the 20th Century.  McKirahan was the mastermind who designed the Bay Harbor Continental, a wedge-shaped co-op building anchored by a pylon-like staircase built in 1948. McKirahan’s masterpiece featured multi-story brise-soleils accented with blocks of multi-colored glass. He also designed the Bay Harbor Club, a blue two-story waterfront building with V-shaped beanpole columns that run from the ceiling to the ground that was the home of the lead character in the cable TV series Dexter. “Bay Harbor Islands is an extremely well-located neighborhood that offers an amazing lifestyle. It;s a place that lets you escape the hustle and bustle of Miami and Miami Beach,” Ivan Ramirez, president of Crescendo Real Estate

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No properties as of February 18, 2018
No properties as of February 18, 2018
No properties as of February 18, 2018

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