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Simple, Strategically Selected Message
Transparent, Real-Time Reporting Performance Tracking Clean & Contemporary
Concise, Say MORE with LESS
Under-Promising Because I Know We Will:

  • •  Over-deliver

  • •  Clear message, Hook leads with hot selling points only.

  • •  Efficient, No Bee-Bees in the dark

  • •  Effective, proven results

  • •  Strategic media placement & selection

  • •  Multiple touch points, reach prospects everywhere

  • •  New media

  • •  New strategy


LOCAL PRINT. Miami Herald and Sun-Sentinel Real Estate section, Community Newspapers, Jewish Journal, Russian, French, and Spanish weeklies

DIRECT MAIL. Jumbo postcards targeting specific neighborhoods provide your property with widespread, focused exposure.

EMAIL MEDIA. A critical component of a comprehensive marketing program including buyer (3,000+ contacts) & realtor (34,000 contacts) E-Blast.

ONLINE MEDIA. Massive ad network offers targeted buyer reach and retargeting, plus PAID FEATURES on,,,, Yahoo!, Google,,,,,,, & more including 35 photos, descriptions, and virtual tour/video listing. We also build custom eproperty sites for every listing. URL example:

SOCIAL MEDIA. The hottest lead generating tool, GRFH promotes listings on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, CraigsList, our custom blog, and even photo blogging on Pinterest and Instagram.